Homage to the pioneering women astronomers. "Urania propitia" (1650), the title of Maria Cunitz´s book was transformed, thanks to her outstanding scientific achievements, in her nickname: "she who is closest to the muse of Astronomy ".

Based on a 16th century Astronomical Compendium, beautifully crafted, and exquisitely detailed, the Urania Propitia compass is a wonderful pocket size curiosity that will delight as well decorate office or den.

In the style of the compendiums, inside the casing of Renaissance character, there is a sundial of folding gnomon, mounted on a compass.

Beautifully crafted in Brass complete with booklets explaining use and historical context

Urania Propitia Sundial Compass

SKU: H45
  • Height: 1.1"

    Diameter: 3.31"