The Queen's Doorway, Kensington Palace, designed by Sir Christopher Wren, leads from the Royal Apartments to the private Gardens of King William and Queen Mary. The initials WM (for William and Mary) are shown above the doorway on the central shield or "cartouche". This style of work is to be found in North America on the early British houses, for example, in Boston and also in Colonial Williamsburg. The bookend is marked on the side not only with the split temple logo but also with the HRP mark that is the logo of The Historic Royal Palaces group. Only a select group of designers, who have been directly commissioned, are permitted to use this stamp.

The Queen's Doorway

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  • Many of these beautiful miniatures are made through commissions, others are made due to the whim of the sculptor. Plans and photographs are the starting point with an aim to make the models look and feel as if they have always been here. All models are hand-made in England from stone quarried in Leicestershire. A master is first made, followed by the production of a slave mould. Each model is then cast one at a time, transferred to the workbench where it is sanded, fettled, sealed and filled. Where appropriate, brass, white metal, wash-work and glass are added one stage at a time. Finally, felts are hand cut and applied, and the work of art labelled. No laser cuts or computers allowed to compromise the feel of the original.

    Dimensions: 6"w x 8.5"h x 2"d