Experience the roots of Virtual Reality with this beautiful conversation piece.

The phenomena of binocular vision has been studied by the early scientists  Euclides, Kepler, and Leonardo Da Vinci.

In 1838, Sir Charles Wheatstone invented the “stereoscopy” an instrument which allowed to see drawings from two different angles. He addressed the Royal Society in London to present several pairs of line drawings with geometrical form which when viewed by an instrument very similar to this gave the impression of three dimensions.

Development of photography transform the stereoscope from a simple scientific curiosity into one of the most popular “toys” of the bourgeoisie after 1850. This model is a reproduction of the one created by Oliver Wendell Holmes in 1862.


Our lovely stereoscope comes complete with 16 photo cards and a booklet of instruction and historical context.

It is a lovely addition to your home and will quietly reflect an appreciation of items that are both intellectual and beautiful.


SKU: H60
  • Height: 4.72"

    Length: 13.78"

    Width: 5.91"