Sopwith Camel - Small - but not small in detail!

In 1913, Tommy Sopwith bought the lease on a former ice-skating rink in Kingston-upon-Thames and set up the Sopwith Aviation & Engineering Company. From this came thousands of the greatest combat aircraft of the WW1. The Camel was so-called because of its distinctive 'humped'back. It could reach speeds of 115 mph (185km/h) and attain heights of 19,000 feet. However, in inexperienced hands, the Camel could bite - the engine's torque was such that it had a tendancy to flip suddenly to the left on take off, but once mastered, was a superb dogfighter, destroying over 3000 enemy aircrat,a greater total than any other aircraft type. Over 5490 were built, many to foreign air arms.

Our models have fully spoked wire wheels, rotary engine laminated propeller and correct WW1 livery. Fantastic.



Sopwith Camel - Small

SKU: AP243
  • Size: length26cm x wingspan38cm x height12.5cm