The archway portrays Athena, the Greek Goddess of Knowledge looking outwards accompanied by the owl of wisdom that appears above her head. The carved keystone is part of the pedestrian archway leading into The Royal Academy Courtyard of Burlington House, an earlier 17th century Palladian villa. The heavy wrought iron gate is accurately reproduced using a brass etched fret through which light will fall in precise shadow whether lit from in front or behind.

This bookend was commissioned by The Royal Academy in 1996 and is often chosen to pair with The National Portrait Gallery.

Royal Academy of Arts

SKU: TR003
  • All models are hand-made in England from stone quarried in Leicestershire. A master is first made, followed by the production of a slave mould. Each model is then cast one at a time, transferred to the workbench where it is sanded, fettled, sealed and filled. Where appropriate, brass, white metal, wash-work and glass are added one stage at a time. Finally, felts are hand cut and applied, and the work of art labelled. No laser cuts or computers allowed to compromise the feel of the original.

    Dimensions: 7"w x 8"h x 3"d