This is a replica of a Nocturnal and Tide Computer from 1570 signed by Humphrey Cole. Cole was the first maker of English instruments having learned the craft from Flemish immigrants in the final years of the Tudor dynasty. The original can be found in the British Museum, London.

Legend has it that the Nocturnal Astrolabe was invented by Raimund Lill to administer doses of medicine to patients during the night. The Nocturnal is a star clock used to obtain the time at night using fixed stars in the sky.

The abacus or Tide Computer is used to figure out the time of the tides, that greatly affect navigation both in harbours and for fishing. The dial settings feature wind direction, number of days past new moon, or moon age, and tide indicator dial. 

Nocturnal Dial and Tide Computer

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  • Max Height: 4.33"

    Diameter: 3.82"