The Jaguar E-Type, which was converted into a funeral car, was the automobile protagonist of the English cult cinema film "Harold and Maude". This cinema classic appeared in 1971 and tells the story of 21-year-old Harold, son of the best English house, who rebels against his mother. Harold is fascinated by the subject of death and therefore the gift from his mother, a brand new Jaguar E-Type is immediately transformed into a funeral car. In the course of the story, Harold finally meets the extremely sprightly 80-year-old Maude and learns to appreciate life together with her.

Schuco's 1:12 scale miniature model of this legendary Jaguar E-Type is made in resin has enabled the company to produce very rare and exotic prototype vehicles in perfect quality in small and exclusive editions.

Jaguar E-Type "Shooting Brake" - Harold and Maude

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