Built for ex-Sunbeam racing driver Major Henry Segrave to take the Land Speed Record from Ray Keech, Golden Arrow was one of the first streamlined land speed racers, with a pointed nose and tight cowling. Power was provided by a 23.9 litre W12 Napier Lion VIIA aeroengine, specially prepared by Napiers and designed for the Supermarine aircraft competing in the Schneider Trophy, producing 925 hp (690 kW) at 3300 rpm.

On 11th March 1929 Henry Seagrave, set a new flying mile record at 231.45mph, on Daytona Beach. Due to an unrelated accident on Daytona Beach, the beach was closed and no further record attempts to achieve a higher speed were made and sadly the car never ran again.
The car now resides at Beaulieu Motor Museum.

Golden Arrow

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