The Chrysler building was designed by William Van Alen and owned by Walter P. Chrysler. The building is synonymous with the glitz and glamour of the era with both the excesses and depression of the years in which it was built. 

It occupies a central Manhattan position and with its spire, was the tallest building in the world for a short time.  The building boasts an iconic spire and sunburst design. 

This is cruciform groin vault constructed of seven radiating, terraced arches. These arches are mounted one on top of the other.

This model shows the building above the eagle terraces. It shows the terraced crown of the Chrysler building. The model is finished using white gold, moon gold and yellow 22 carat gold leaf.


On the lowest levels of the model lead sheet has been applied over the plaster. The model shows two faces with a flat hollowed back finished with hand-made glass. The model is presented on a 10” x 10” metal plate to give it stability.

Chrysler Building

SKU: TR228
  • 34” x 7” x 4”