The United States Capitol is among the most symbolically important and architecturally impressive buildings in America. It has housed the meeting chambers of the House of Representatives and the Senate for two centuries. The Capitol, which was started in 1793, has been through many construction phases. It stands today as a monument to the American people and their government.

The Capitol was originally designed by William Thornton in 1793, rebuilt after the 1814 fire and expanded over many years (by Benjamin Henry Latrobe, Charles Bulfinch and Thomas Ustick Walter). Thornton’s scheme was in the Anglo-Palladian tradition of a half-century earlier and called for a central Pantheon-type saucer dome. The Capitol’s most defining feature today, Walter’s enormous cast-iron dome, was added in 1860-63 to replace a lower dome, reconstructed after the 1814 fire.

Today, the Capitol covers a ground area of 175,170 square feet and has a floor area of about 16.5 acres. In addition to its use by Congress, the Capitol is a museum of American art and history. It stands as a focal point of the government's legislative branch and as a centrepiece of Capitol Hill and the National Mall.

Capitol Washington

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