Reproduction of a Diptych dial, known as Pocket Sundial. It is a sundial (the string will mark it with its shadow) with a compass for orienteering for correct measuring the solar time. Dated between 16th-17th Centuries.

Hand crafted of wood in painted green finish featuring a compass and brass plaque accent with cotton shadow line. and brass clasp.  Orient the compass north and let the sun tell you solar time.

Quadrants with a compass, introduced in the 15th century, were the first portable sundials. The compass served to face the quadrant toward the north and the gnomon (a bit of cord or a flexible triangle) could be raised or lowered to accommodate the latitude where the compass is used. 

The golden age of sundials lasted from the 15th century to the end of the 18th.

Brass Pizarro

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  • Height: 0.79 inches

    Length: 3.00 inches

    Width: 1.97 inches